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Getting started

Narrowlink is a powerful and multi-purpose tool that provides high-performance NAT traversal capabilities, enabling you to publish TLS-secured web services to the internet even when your server is behind a NAT network. With Narrowlink, you can also share the network of a computer that is behind a NAT network with another computer that is also behind another NAT network.

Narrowlink Logo

Narrowlink Logo

Narrowlink is written in Rust, a modern programming language known for its reliability, memory safety, and performance. By leveraging the unique features of Rust, Narrowlink achieves excellent performance and stability while maintaining a small memory footprint.

Narrowlink utilizes advanced port forwarding and protocol tunneling techniques to achieve optimal performance and low-latency connectivity between network nodes. It also provides robust end-to-end encryption and access control mechanisms to enhance security levels, and uses HTTP/S protocol for data transportation to increase privacy.

By utilizing Narrowlink, you can quickly and easily set up secure and reliable connectivity between disparate network devices, whether you need to publish a web service, share internet access, or connect two private networks.

With Narrowlink, you can take advantage of the benefits of a global network of interconnected devices while maintaining the security and privacy of your network. So, if you're looking for a powerful and versatile NAT traversal solution written in Rust, give Narrowlink a try today!