The Narrowlink client can acts like netcat command to connect to the services that are running on the agent network machine. It is useful for various porpurses such as connecting to a ssh server behind a restricted NAT network by using official ssh client.

Follow the steps below to connect to a ssh server by using narrowlink and official ssh client:

  • Install Narrowlink

  • Add the bellow setting to your ssh client configuration which is normally at ~/.ssh/config to use narrowlink to conenct to your machines:

Host <agent>
    ProxyCommand narrowlink connect -n <agent> %h:%p
    Port 22
    User <username>
    #StrictHostKeyChecking no #optional to ignore host key checking
    #UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null #optional to ignore host key checking

Replace <agent> with the name of the machine you want to connect to, <username> with your actual username.

  • You can now use ssh office command to connect to the office machine.

That's it!